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, 02 2009
1Once upon a time there was an Egyptian named Mohammed Atta. Hestudied at the University of Hamburg. Mohamed Atta did not really excel. Hekept to himself and would all the time curse the infidels, together with his three companions, with whom he would visit the Al-Coots mosque. Hiscompanions were Emirates-born Marwan al-Shehhi, Yemeni Ramzi bin al-Shibh, and Lebanese Ziad Jarrah. ZiadJarrah his whole life had dreamed of becoming a pilot, and on September 11th, 2001, his dream came true.
In 1995, Atta returned to Cairo, where the authorities, as luck would have it, assigned him to work on the tiny foreign quarter. Hewas supposed to take an old Egyptian neighborhood, rebuild it, and resettle it the actors in the native garb. Atta, of course, called this: bowing low to the West.
Atta returned to Hamburg and worked for the ‘Plankontor’ architectural bureau, prayed in a mosque, and rented an apartment for four with his friends. Onthe rent checks he wrote ‘Dar El-Ansar’ (House of the Prophet's Companions). Perhaps he and his comrades would have continued signing checks in this manner, but in 1998Osama bin Laden declared jihad against America and blew up two U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. Theorganization headed by bin Laden was called al-Qaeda.
This event all at once changed not only Mohammed Atta's life, but also the entire world. Before this there had been two types of Islamic fundamentalists: there were movements, like the Group Islamique Armee in Algeria, which declared jihad against their own rulers, who, in their opinion, had become apostates, and there were angry individuals who could not succeed in the West, people such as Mohammed Atta.
The fundamentally new element that bin Laden introduced was his announced jihad against America, 'the far enemy', a jihad that was to take priority over victory over the 'near enemy'. Theembassy bombings served as excellent advertisements. Money and volunteers poured in, and al-Qaeda instantly turned into a kind of venture-fund terrorist organization. Business plans would be brought to al-Qaeda, and al-Qaeda would provide financing, and, if necessary, martyrs and training camps.
In November of 1999, Atta, Jarrah, al-Shehhi and bin al-Shibh brought their business plan to bin Laden. Getting there was simple enough: the Taliban had been provided ideal conditions in Afghanistan. Their idea was brought to the court at Tora Bora, and two men from bin Laden's inner circle were assigned to support the Hamburg cell: Khalid al-Midhar and Nawaf al-Hazm. Al-Hazm had by this time fought in Chechnya, while al-Midhar once told his brother that he was going there, but it is not known whether or not he actually did.
Also assigned to assist were thirteen young, enthusiastic fundamentalists cannon fodder who were selected right there from training camps in Haldan and Al Farouk. Their only purpose was to control the passengers. Fourof the boys, the brothers Wail and Waleed al-Shehri, and the brothers Ahmed and Hamza al-Hamdi, were also getting ready to go to Chechnya, but when instead of Chechnya they were offered the Twin Towers, it was as if instead of performing at a small town theater they were going to star in a Hollywood blockbuster.
Why am Italking in such detail about all this? Because if anyone in the U.S. found it necessary to know what happened on 9/11, he or she could easily do so.
He or she could learn the names of all the terrorists, that Ziad Jarrah wanted to fly and that Mohamed Atta had been dismissed from his job. Heor she could learn that they attended the Al-Coots mosque and that Mohammed Atta was in Afghanistan for a year before their joint trip. Heor she could read the biographies of Khalid al-Midhar and Nawaf al-Hazm, and find out that when it was discovered that these two bearded veterans could not learn how to fly a plane, others were located: Saudi Hani Hanzhura and Zakaria Moussaoui, a Frenchman who was also originally designated a pilot, but got arrested and was only able to fly to jail.
There are morons, of course, who do not know anything about this, and do not want to know, because they already know that the CIA blew up the Twin Towers. Learning something that might complement their secret and comprehensive knowledge is beneath the dignity of these morons.
1But what does all this have to do with me? Tellme, what do we know about 'Nord-Ost'? Theanswer is: nothing. InInvestigator Kalchuk's resolution, it is written that Basayev began organizing an attack on an undisclosed location under circumstances not identified by the investigation.
How many people were killed there? Attorney Igor Trunov, to whom we are no less obliged for investigating 'Nord-Ost' than we are to Investigator Kalchuk, while he was handling the case the number was 130. Whenanother lawyer, Karinna Moskalenko, simply added up lists of people known to have died in the hospitals, it came to 174.
How many terrorists were there? Forty were killed. Investigator Kalchuk states that the organization selected at least 52persons. There were 52, and all died, leaving 40corpses.
From sheer envy, Lobachevsky and Gedel (ed: mathematicians) are spinning in their graves out of envy. Acertain Siberian security officer was telling a certain friend of mine that, on the night of the assault, he was drunkenly wandering near 'Nord-Ost' and, after the assault, he got through the cordon and helped carry out hostages. Hewas drunk and did not remember how he placed them: face up, or face down. This, of course, is not information, but more or less hearsay. Butif the security officer got in, what could have stopped someone from getting out?
What were the names of the terrorists? Wealready know the names of 33, because they found 33passports at 'Nord-Ost'. Somewere without a passport, and some got lost. But, excuse me, on September 11th there was not even dust remaining from these people, and yet the Americans found out every name. Overhere everyone was in one piece, but it is not known who he or she was. There was an Arab, Yassir. Whowas Yassir? Whatwas Yassir? Whydid the Americans count their Arabs, while at Dubrovka they did not? Acouple of years later, Colonel-General Yedelev told 'Rossiyskaya Gazeta' about the Arab terrorist Yassir, operating in the North Caucasus. Didit turn out that Yassir got away from 'Nord-Ost'?
It seems that there was an internal investigation at the FSB as to why so many who were thought to be agents of the FSB were found among the terrorists. Didthis happen, or not?
In Investigator Kalchuk's resolution, the dead terrorists are described in this way: AKHMETOV Mumadievich Ahmed, member of the 'Jama-at' Wahhabi movement. BIMURZAEV Magomed Emit Saidanovich, member of the 'Jama-at' Wahhabi movement.
I do not even know what to say about this to Investigator Kalchuk. 'Jamaat' is not the name of a movement. Itsimply means 'community'. Jamaat may be a traditional, Wahhabi village. Youcan pray with the whole Jamaat, and the Jamaat may choose an imam, and act for or against something. Howwould you react to an investigator who wrote that a dead suspect was a member of, for example, the Orekhovsky 'community' group?
What kind of gas was used? TheAmericans, when the Twin Towers collapsed, wrote entire volumes and built entire mathematical theories from this, but we do not know what gas was used, even though Putin knows that this gas was harmless.
I want everyone to know that the men who took 'Nord-Ost' were also poisoned, because you cannot shoot in a gasmask. Whenthe men burst into the auditorium they tossed away their gasmasks and breathed whatever it was. Andthen, intoxicated, they carried out the hostages (and they were never told what to do with the hostages). Theyhad never planned at all on surviving. Theythought that they were all going to die. Theysurvived, and many still do not have apartments.
How was the terrorist attack prepared? Howdid they get to their destination? Where did they stay? TheAmericans have answers down to minute by minute, but we have nothing reliable. Whatis the story with the gay club for VIPs at 'Nord-Ost', a club that was remodeled by Chechens? Ifthis was so, then explain what happened. Ifthis was not so, then prove that it was not. Theinvestigator for the case merely yelled at victims and insulted a judge.
This does not mean that 'Nord-Ost' was a complete failure. Evenunder the cloak of secrecy, we can see that some things could be graded 'excellent'. There were negotiations with the terrorists, which lulled them to a lower level of alertness and caused them to treat the hostages much less harsh than at Beslan. Perhaps it was only due to such negotiations that two female suicide bombers did not blow themselves up in Moscow crowds recently. Apparently the people who participated in the negotiations were somehow able to smuggle secret devices into the auditorium and measure every millimeter where the bomb was hanging, where the suicide bombers were sitting, where they had detonators and where they did not. Itseems that there were no remote-controlled detonators, but if any one of the suicide bombers had blown themselves up in that auditorium, then it would have set them all off. And, finally, the assault: though it presented a deadly risk, it was worked out to the last detail.
The problem is that we do not know what worked, and what failed. Wedo not know who should have been given medals, and who should have had their epaulets torn away. Wedo not know who was responsible for the impeccable intelligence and the assault, and who was to make sure they injected the antidote, and if it was only one person who was supposed to do this, or two.
It is because most of the hostages did not die from the gas. Theydied from losing consciousness, being laid face up on their backs, and choking on their own tongues. Theydied because they were not given first aid on the spot. Theydied because the buses in which they were put were stuck in a traffic jam.
Think about it: a successful operation turns into a nightmare because people were placed face up, not face down.
And we do not know if it was Pronichev, Luzhkov, or Shoiga who was responsible. Wedo know, however, that none of them was held responsible, because none of them was fired.
I would worry about what Ido not know. Itis not a matter of my personal curiosity. Itjust turns out that one general’s stupid command killed one hundred seventy-four people, people who had been saved thanks to the sacrifice of the Special Forces. Noone is held accountable and it has become clear that they can do anything they want.
During Beslan nobody even thought about rescuing hostages. Theyjust blew them away with the terrorists.
Printed in 'Ezhednevniy Zhurnal'

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