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Investigator: Chechens were not preparing to die at Dubrovka
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, 14 2011

Image‘Svobodnaya Pressa’ contacted a law enforcement officer who was part of the group that investigated the events in the theatrical center on Dubrovka immediately after the assault.

SOURCE: The Chechens were not preparing to die at Dubrovka. Toa large extent their threat to blow up the hostages was a bluff. Thisis evidenced by one final fact: they had a chance to blow up the hostages, and yet they did not. Thegas was noticed from the moment when it was released, and it took five minutes before it began to take effect, and even then it was mostly on the hostages. Awhite smoke, the gas, was visible. Theterrorists, as Iremember it, had gasmasks with them, so had they really wanted to blow everything up, and were ready to die, then they would not have any problem doing it. Butthey did not want that.

Another important point: we still do not know the purpose the true, real purpose why terrorists went there. Ireceived a negative, emotional impression, since they did not take a single terrorist alive. Atthe time there was, apparently, a possibility, starting with the gas and ending with ‘Alpha’ (one of the commando units that stormed the theater ed). Theyprobably could haven taken someone alive, but we see a complete disregard for any information that could have been obtained from the terrorists. Wecould have gotten the names of their accomplices. Wecould have prevented future terrorists from smuggling explosives to Moscow. Wecould have found out who and how they got it there. Perhaps there were accomplices in the security services? After all, it was not just anyone, but the security services who kept a lid on this. Withthese things in mind we could have at least tried to take one of the terrorists alive. No, they did not take a single one alive, and it is not clear why this was not viewed as a defeat, but as an achievement.

From the ‘SP’ Dossier:

‘Nord-Ost’ was the first Russian musical and was playing at Dubrovka on October 23rd, 2002. Inthe auditorium were more than 900people. Almost all were taken hostage by 40Chechen terrorists, who carried out in the center of Moscow is one of the largest terrorist attacks in Russian history.

On the night of October 2526, it was decided to conduct an assault. Inthe operational headquarters were deputy FSB chief General Viktor Pronichev and Alexander Voloshin, the chief of the Presidential Administration. Theoperational headquarters gave orders for the assault to units from the FSB special commando center under the command of another deputy FSB chief, General Alexander Tikhonov.

The military operation began with the release of gas through the theater’s ventilation system. Itis known that the gas was composed of powerful opiates based on fentanyl (used in medicine for anesthesia). Itis also known that rapid and unmeasured doses of the substance can be fatal, and is especially dangerous when used on persons in a seated position.

On September 20th, 2003, Russian President Vladimir Putin, at a meeting with reporters, said “these people didn’t die from the gas,” which, he said, was harmless, but were victims of “a number of factors: dehydration, chronic diseases, any mostly due to the fact that they had to stay in that building.” On the death certificates issued to the relatives of the dead, the block for “cause of death” is crossedout.

The Ministry of Health officially refuses to disclose data on gas used in the operation, stating that it is a state secret. TheParliament Security Committee refuses to examine the validity of this classification, and the formula of the gas remains a secret.

The first official report about sporadic deaths of hostages was made at about 8am, but deputy chief of staff Vladimir Vasilyev said that there were no children among the deceased. Aswe learned from the criminal case, by this time five children had already been pronounceddead.

According to official figures, 130people died as a result of the terrorist attack, including 10children.

The exact time the military operation to destroy the terrorists began is unknown. Partof the FSB commando group entered the auditorium through a gay club operating in the theatrical center. Video cameras did not show the appearance of commandos in the theater foyer until 6:22 am. Itis known that during the assault commandos were also poisoned, but none of them died from the effects of thegas.

The operational headquarters thought out the special operation to destroy the terrorists down to the last detail. Theoperational headquarters, however, did not make a hostage rescue plan.

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