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FSB destroys terrorists that blew up Moscow subway
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, 13 2010
    FSB director Aleksandr Bortnikov reported to President Dmitry Medvedev all gang members liked to the Moscow subway bombing, direct participants as well as organizers have been destroyed. Bortnikov said that three suspects were killed because they showed active armed resistance during their arrest.
According to an official transcript of the conversation, placed on the website of the Russian president, Dmitry Medvedev said, investigative actions, naturally, must continue in accordance with criminal procedural law While those who resist must be destroyed no regrets.
On March 29th, 2010, two explosions rocked the Moscow subway when two female suicide bombers set off explosive devices. Asa result of the attacks 40persons were killed.
Expressing surprise was the Moscow representative of the international organization Human Rights Watch, Tatiana Lokshina. When speaking about terror attacks, senior Russian officials always use the word 'destroy', she said. But in order to obtain information on how they prepared the attack, and how the terrorist network operates, it is abundantly clear that they need to deal with live criminals.
As a comparison, the human rights activist cited the recent investigation of the attack on New York City's Times Square. Police were able to achieve the maximum amount of information, thanks to their arrest of the man who tried to commit this crime.
The approach of the Russian secret services and statements by the Russian president about no regrets for terrorists, according the Human Rights Watch representative, suggests that the priority is the most primitive means of fighting terror. Lokshina added that the guilt of each individual and his involvement in a particular crime should be determined only by a court of law.
Agreeing with this statement was attorney Mikhail Trepashkin, a former intelligence colonel with personal experience in neutralizing terrorists in the Caucasus. In this case it's a violation of the second article of the European Convention, which guarantees everyone the right to life, said Trepashkin. I think that only by bring this to the attention of international public opinion can we eradicate this practice of destroying a person accused of terrorism before he can be tried in court.
According to the attorney, this results in too many instances, including the Nord-Ost and Beslan, where there are virtually no defendants before the court and no way to investigate the real involvement of certain individuals in committing terrorist acts. Unfortunately, concluded Trepashkin, we can only speculate, since an investigation requires testimony, and the dead cannot give this.
The three terrorists whose destruction was reported by the head of the FSB were not the first defendants in the case to be liquidated. OnMarch 27th the news agency RIA Novosti reported that, during a clash with police officers in Dagestan, a gunman was killed. Heturned out to be an accomplice of the female suicide bombers. Itwas he, according to investigators, who accompanied them to Moscow.
The FSB has long been committed to the destruction of gang leaders, said journalist Andrei Soldatov, creator of the website Agentura.ru. Herecalled that they did not even attempt to take alive the President of the breakaway Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, Aslan Maskhadov, who was destroyed by FSB Special Forces in 2005.
This doesn't let them perform a quality investigation or identify all persons involved in the gangs, Soldatov stressed. The FSB, however, clearly supports this practice. It's no accident that this was the FSB's first reaction to the Moscow subway bombings. DokuUmarov uses this to avenge the successful removal of his bandit group leaders. Theimpression here is that, for the FSB, practical considerations are not important, only a demonstration of their cruelty. Doku Umarov is the leader of the North Caucasian extremists, and head of the fictitious Caucasus Emirate. Heclaims responsibility for the attacks.
Sergei Markedonov, an expert at the Institute of Political and Military Analysis, said that the FSB does not act alone it carries out instructions from the Russian political leadership. But terrorism can only be fought successfully if it's morally paralyzed and its leaders are ideologically suppressed, said Markedonov. In this sense the physical extermination of rebels doesn't do very much. Imagine that the organizers of terrorist acts aren't destroyed, but captured and tried in court! Whatwould be more useful for the Caucasus: terrorist corpses or demonstrating in court their repulsiveness and moral depravity?
Markedonov recalled that Turkey did not destroy Abdullah Ocalan, leader of the Kurdistan Workers' Party terrorist organization, but instead put him on trial. Hewas sentenced to death, but this was later changed to life imprisonment. After Ocalan's arrest PKK activity declined substantially.
Alex van Oss, head of Caucasian Studies at the Foreign Service Institute, summed it up: I don't know if they ever found the perpetrators of the terrorist attacks in Moscow, but the Russian military is constantly killing people in the Caucasus. Thiscreates a vicious, closed circle of violence, because innocent people die and their relatives then become suicide bombers. It's hard to break this cycle of violence, but someone has to do it.
Voice of America

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