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Everyone loves a winner, but they still condemnhim
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, 31 2002
Only in a few CIS countries does the view differ from the official
The CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) remains the ‘near abroad’, and its traditions and rules of political correctness have not really changed much over the last decade. Thiswas confirmed by an analysis of the Commonwealth press over the past few days. Mostpublications evaluated what happened in Moscow using the words of their presidents, and did not go beyond the semi-official line: the operation was a success, Vladimir Putin is a hero, and we are all against terrorism. Thismedia reaction means that Russia’s close friends are trying to distance themselves by not getting into the details, and assuming that the problem of Chechen terrorism is none of their concern. Theexceptions are perhaps a few publications in the Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus'
‘Day’ (Ukraine)
'No one can clearly explain what went on during the negotiations, why the delay and who was in charge of them? Objectively, any terrorist attack involving Chechens, as cynical as it may sound, is to Moscow’s advantage, as it has long sought to link its Chechen operation with the fight against terrorism.'
‘Grani-Plus’ (Ukraine)
'They simply forced the terrorists to act so that they could quickly take the gloves off, and use the military option to solve the problem and blame the outcome on militants Eventhese thug bandits could never imagine that the Russian government, for the sake of victory and prestige, was capable of using a military gas to poison its own innocent citizens Itis a blessing, of course, that much fewer were slain than could have been. ForRussia they are a statistic. Noone mentioned the slain, except as the wholesale cost of celebrating the brilliant victory of Putin and the security service commandos. Theyhave no names, no faces, who they were, what they were, who cries for them what difference does it make? Theyare just an excuse for miserable PR: “Forgive us that we couldn’t save everyone” Of course, you will never hear words such as: “this is what you get, Russians, for our brutal policy of violence in Chechnya.” From Russia there are reports that relatives are running themselves ragged, but about 100hostages are still missing. Well, a hundred more, a hundred less when you chop down a forest, the chips will fly. The main thing is that the government is strong and terrorism will not work. Everyone loves a winner? Theworld applauds? Because of this, things are even more terrible, and more hopeless.'
‘Belarusian Gazette’ (Belarus)
'Russia celebrates the victory with such enthusiasm it is as if they have beaten not just the terrorists, but terrorism itself. Theyare forgetting the main thing: the reasons why those, who today are being referred to as thugs, went to a certain death. Russia does not want to draw conclusions from the lesson they were given, just as they did not want to after the apartment bombings in 1999and the hostage crisis in Budennovsk. Butuntil such time as the military conflict in Chechnya is resolved, the country is doomed to keep stepping on the same rake, and peaceful citizens will keep paying for the ambitions of politicians.'
‘Express K’ (Kazakhstan)
'Moscow will remember these three October days for a long time Itis the first time that the public has realized that the war is not far away, not safely behind the Caucasus Mountains, checkpoints, and miles of barbed wire. Itis right next to them, behind every corner, and it can seize anyone it wishes by the collar. Itseems that these fifty kamikazes led by Barayev have finally convinced us of the impotence of society and the sluggishness of the authorities, for which the Russian president found the strength to apologize.'
‘Caravan’ (Kazakhstan)
'The unhindered movement of heavily-armed terrorists around Moscow likely happened as a result of corrupt police officers. Unequivocally, the blame here lies with the FSB. Inaddition, not one of the Russian security officials is rushing to take responsibility for the conduct of operations.'
Published in ‘Nezavisimaya Gazeta’

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