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Criminal charges against the Beslan victims
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, 30 2010
On December 30th, 2010, I, Ella Kesayeva, arrived at the court bailiff investigative service as summoned.
InvestigatorT.V.Karelidze expected me at 10am. Iappeared in his office at noon. Itwas obvious from his reaction that he had no longer been expecting me. Onhis desk lay a document: a resolution to institute criminal proceedings against Svetlana Margiyeva, Emilia Bzarova, and myself.
“The resolutions have already been prepared?” Iasked Karelidze. Hecrumpled up the paper. “It’s a rough draft,” he said. After such an outcome, my desire to explain anything had completely disappeared. Iasked for a few clean sheets of paper, and started writing requests to the chief of the investigative service: a request for the cessation of interrogation, as it was illegal since the court decision perceived by the service to be a statement of an offense had been appealed and no longer had any legal force. Inmy second statement, Iasked the head of inquiry service to end the examination (of a resolution to initiate criminal proceedings) and give me the opportunity to review and make copies of the examination materials.
Karelidze read my statement and laughed. “I haven’t issued a ruling on initiating (charges) yet,” he said. “But just in case, we’ve got two resolutions ready, including a refusal to initiate criminal proceedings. That’s how we do things here. Iwon’t make a final ruling until the 1st or 2nd, and Iwon’t give you any copies. Where in the law did you see something like that?”
“In Part 2of Article 24of the Constitution, it states that you are obligated to acquaint me with documents that affect my rights and freedoms,” Ireplied. “You will be issuing your ruling on the weekend?”
Karelidze did not give me the examination documents, but he already spoke with reluctance.
I gave my written explanations to the investigator. These explained the uselessness of conducting an examination at this time, the illegality of the administrative law charges against us, and pointed out that the witnesses against us are law enforcement officers.
The investigator was uninterested to everything Isaid and wrote. Henervously cleaned his desktop by moving all papers to below the table, and he repeated several times: “I’m just a little guy. Whatdo you want from me? Don’t worry, maybe the prosecutor will cancel our resolution.”
I did not ask for anything. Ithought about Sveta Margiyeva, whose only child, a twelve-year-old girl, died in the terror attack. After the magistrate court brought charges against us for our protest, she said to me: “Every criminal case against the officials for the terrorist attack has been thrown out. Thegovernment found all their acts acceptable. Noneof them was brought to justice for the loss of my girl, but for protesting in court after the case is already closed, the State makes a criminal case out of this. Howcan Ilive in such a State?”
Published on the ‘Voice of Beslan’ website

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