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Beslan. 11years.
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, 02 2015

ImageThe children of Beslan, who back then were entering first grade, finished school this year and will now enter their first semester of university. Thatis, those children who are lucky. Butfor other children who unfortunately had only that single first day of September and never received a single lesson, there was no continuation. After Beslan, we know that our own country cannot even protect the most precious thing we have our children. Whatnation, if it has to choose, would sacrifice their children? Whywas it necessary to defend some mythical prestige insignia or military honor? Whatprestige of the state is more important than the lives of children? Whois bold enough and say in a firm voice, looking into the eyes of the mothers of Beslan, that absolutely everything possible was done to save their children? Nobody will ever say those words, because this person would have to state the most terrible oflies.

Why was the investigation of this terrible tragedy conducted as if the goal was just to confuse the issue? Perhaps because to tell the truth would simply be shameful? Beslan was too terrible of an event to ever be forgotten, and so that is why on September 3rd even our censored state TV cannot go without mentioning the 2004tragedy. Butit is talked about by avoiding the details or provoking people to unnecessary questions. Amidall the pathos and enthusiasm of the infallibility of our government, which never makes any mistakes and always keeps us on a direct and clear path, Beslan is inexplicable. Itis much more profitable to write it all off to some irresistible force of evil. Wehave almost been convinced that the submarine \"Kursk\" simply drowned its crew, that everything was done to rescue the sailors, and that they told us the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Inthe same way they tell about Beslan.

What happened to the children? Theyperished. Nothing could have been done for them and it is good that at least some were left alive. Right after Beslan it finally became clear that in difficult times the government will not save us, only itself. Thatis why we must not forget those children who were never able to finish school, or those teachers who stayed with their pupils until the end, or the commandos who were killed trying to protect the hostages. Andespecially those parents who since then have found little joy in theirdays.

In Radio \"Ekho Moskvy\"

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