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Kurbatova, Christina
Такие красивые, такие молодые,навсегда. Меня ещё не было,когда произошла эта трагедия. Помню,мама,рассказывала,её однокл...
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author Катя

Chernykh, Dmitry
Черных Дмитрий
Я познакомился с Дмитрием в 1980 году перед поступлением в институт в Туле. После поступления мы жили на квартирах по ра...
15/12/22 14:18 more...
author Соловьев Игорь

Borisova, Elena
Борисова Елена
Мы с Леной жили в одном подьезде, учились в одной школе - 512. Она было старше меня на два года, но мы дружили. Ходили д...
30/10/22 20:02 more...
author Елена

Zakharov, Pavel
Помню Павла
Помню Павла, учились вместе на военной кафедре МИФИ.
27/10/22 16:24 more...
author Михаил

Deveen, Andre
Я одноклассник Андрея. Хочу сказать, что это не так, что у Андрея не было друзей в школе. Я был его другом. И хотя наши ...
26/10/22 17:27 more...
author Олег

Day of mourning declared in Dagestan for victims
Written by Лента.ру   
Пятница, 04 Май 2012

Day of mourning declared in Dagestan for victims of double bombing

Место взрыва в Махачкале. Фото ИТАР-ТАСС, Башир АлиевPresident of Dagestan Magomedsalam Magomedov declared Saturday, May 5th, to be a day the national mourning in connection with the twin terrorist attacks that took place in Makhachkala, killing 12. RIA ‘Novosti’ reported this.

Two blasts took place in Makhachkala on the evening of May 3rd. The first was a suicide bomber who detonated an explosive device after stopping his car in front of a highway patrol post. Ten minutes later, after police and emergency ministry personnel had arrived at the scene, there was a second explosion. This time the device went off in a parked ‘Gazelle’ van. Law enforcement assessed the power of explosions at 10 and 50 kilograms of TNT equivalent.

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Strasbourg will ask about Beslan
Written by Екатерина Буторина, Марина Лепина   
Пятница, 04 Май 2012

Теперь те вопросы, которые на протяжении почти восьми лет бесланцы задавали российским властям, поставил перед ними ЕСПЧ // © РИА НовостиEuropean Court will ask Russia questions about the largest terrorist attack in its history

The European Court of Human Rights will examine the actions of Russian security forces during the September 2004 Beslan hostage rescue. ‘Moscow News’ found out that the ECHR has agreed to consider a complaint from 447 residents of the North Ossetia city — people who were hostages, and those who have lost loved ones. These residents accuse the Russian authorities of violating the right to life in that law enforcement knew about the impending terrorist attack and did nothing to prevent it, and that the assault on the school entailed too much risk.

The Beslan victims’ case will be no precedent for the ECHR, which examined another terrible terrorist attack: the Chechen seizure of the Dubrovka theatrical center in Moscow. For failure to provide proper medical assistance to the victims and an ineffective investigation into the incident, the court resolved that the 64 plaintiffs be paid the unprecedented sum of $1.3 million

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Number of victims in Dnepropetrovsk reaches 27
Written by Лента.ру   
Пятница, 27 Апрель 2012

Фото с сайта kri.com.ua27 persons were injured as a result of a series of explosions that took place in Dnepropetrovsk on April 27th. This was reported by Agence France-Presse, with reference to the Ukrainian Emergencies Ministry (UEM).

The UEM officially confirmed only four explosions, though, according to unofficial information in the media, there were more.

'Komsomolskaya Pravda in the Ukraine' writes that there are rumors of fatalities in the city. Officially no fatalities have been confirmed.

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The terrorist attack in Beslan:
Written by Олег Анищак   
Пятница, 27 Апрель 2012

The terrorist attack in Beslan: Strasbourg considers complaints against Russia from hostages and their families

ImageOn April 10th, 2012, the European Court of Human Rights communicated to the Russian Federation seven complaints of violations by the state of the right to life and the right to effective remedy with respect to acts and omissions by the authorities before, during and after the seizure of hostages in School #1 in Beslan on September 1st, 2004. This means that the complaints have been officially communicated to the respondent state. Strasbourg asked parties to the proceedings a number of questions in order to allow consideration of the admissibility and merits of the complaints. It also required the government to provide copies of available case materials for its examination.

The entire proceedings were given the tentative title of ‘Tagayeva and Others v. Russia, and Six other Applications, complaints #26562/07, &tc.’ It contains complaints from 447 applicants found in the following petitions: ‘Tagayeva and Others v. Russia, complaint #26562/07’, which was submitted, inter alia by Emma Lazarovna Tagayeva, head of the all-Russia public organization ‘Voice of Beslan’, ‘Dudiyeva and Others v. Russia, complaint #14755/08’, filed by Susanna Petrovna Dudiyeva, head of the North Ossetia public organization ‘Beslan Mothers association of victims of terrorist acts’ (commonly referred to as ‘Beslan Mothers Committee’), ‘Albegova and Others v. Russia, complaint #49339/08’, ‘Savkuyev and Others v. Russia, complaint #49380/08’, ‘Aliyeva and Others v. Russia, complaint #51313/08’, ‘Kokova and Others v. Russia, complaint #21294/11’, and ‘Nogayeva and Others v. Russia, complaint #N37096/11’.

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Unregulated terrorist attack
Written by Елена Белова   
Пятница, 20 Апрель 2012

ImageThe case filed at the request of President Dmitry Medvedev, which was to “shake up” the entire transportation police force due to the terrorist attack at Domodedovo, is now

closed. Investigators conducted hundreds of examinations, performed dozens of searches, and interrogated three hundred witnesses, but they did not find any evidence against the suspects. It was found that at the time of last year's attack the transportation security system was unregulated. Investigators, however, did identify several instances of fraud at the airport, and identified these for separate proceedings.

On Friday the Investigating Committee of Russia (ICR) announced that it had closed the criminal investigation into the failure of the transportation security requirements at Domodedovo international airport (Article 263–1 of the Criminal Code). The case was filed after Magomed Yevloyev on January 24th, 2011, brought an explosive device unhindered into the airport's entrance terminal and set it off. The terrorist attack killed 37 people and injured another 173. Immediately after the tragedy, the president ordered security officials to “shake up” the entire transportation security police force.

“Just as there were reasonable grounds to initiate a criminal case, there were also reasonable grounds to terminate it,” stated the ICR.

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