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APPENDIX 5. Echo of Moscow radio. Telephone conversation with hostages
Written by Administrator   
, 29 2006

From the radio program Echo of Moscow: a telephone conversation with hostages in the Dubrovka theatrical complex on October 26th, 2002, at 5:30 am just before the assault.


SKOPTSOVA: Idont know, they've let out some gas, all the people are sitting in the hall, were asking that it wont be just like, were hoping anyway that were not on the Kursk, not there, maybe Ill give you Anya.

STEPANENKO: Natash, she called us.

ANDRIANOVA: This is Anya. Ive got the impression that the soldiers have started things. Guys, dont leave us, if theres a chance, if you can do it, were asking you

STEPANENKO: Ann, were trying, can you explain what youre feeling? Is it tear gas? What kind of gas is it?

ANDRIANOVA: Idont know what kind of gas, but Isee a reaction, that these people dont want to kill the good guys and bad guys, but, Ithink, our soldiers have started to do something, Idont think were going to get out of here alive, Ithink this is going to end badly

STEPANENKO: Anya, can you tell us what kind of gas it is? Is it tear gas? Whats happening to the people? Can you see it? Are you feeling it?

ANDRIANOVA: Guys, Im begging Idont know, we see, we feel, were breathing through hankies, our boys are doing something. (Shooting is audible for 23seconds.) Oh, Lord!!! (Pause) Can you hear us?


ANDRIANOVA: Now were all going to get blown to Hell. Well, our boys started it

STEPANENKO: What was all the shooting just now?

ANDRIANOVA: Idont know, Im sitting with my face on someones back and Ijust dont know Lord! A little while ago we were sitting and watching NTV and rejoicing It started from outside. Apparently our government made this decision, that no one makes it out of here alive (Only the sound of gunshots audible for the next 23minutes)
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