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APPENDIX 25. Callrecord card for transfer of corpse 2575(A.S.Karpov)
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, 29 2006

Call registration card #06909

26.10.2002 12-30

Call on 03 (Russian 911)Dispatcher 20

For transport: 00Brigade 00 Squad 2575Telephone

Dispatcher 03

Place of death: 03 ambulance Cause of the incident- Criminal activity

Street -Botskinsky, 2nd pr.


The object was taken from

#10 Melnikov Street
by \bus\ #2575

Reason for transport: forensic medical autopsy

Type of morgue: SMM (forensic medical morgue)


Sex:M. Age: 35yrsDate of death: 26.10.2002 Time of death:

Type of death: violent Cause of death: poisoning

Police: Regional interior ministry Khoroshevsky (#109)

Address: Bldg 40, Khoroshevsky Road Telephone: 940-21-78

Sent to: SMM #10

Trip result: brought to morgue

Notes: Dressed in blue jeans, blue underwear, dark-green socks, black boots. A ring of yellow metal and a black ring. Distinctive marks: beard and moustache.



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