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APPENDIX 14. Background report based on examination of records
Written by Administrator   
Пятница, 29 Декабрь 2006

Background report based on examination of records of testimonial evidence given by hostages (Volume 1, File sheets 95-96)

In criminal case 229133, the systematization and processing of information from the interrogations has been conducted at the present time.  This was performed for the purpose of:

- determining the precise number of hostages;

- determining those persons who are missing to aid in their search;

- comparing the keys moments of evidence and formulating the schematic of the hostages in the hall, by name;

- after a comparative analysis of the key positions of all the evidence, and a study of the hostages’ identifies, to reveal the presence among the hostages of possible terrorist accomplices;

- an analysis of a computer database of the hostages for the purpose of cross-referencing facts concerning a swindle connected with attempts to receive monetary compensation by those persons who make themselves out to have allegedly suffered from the terror act.

Altogether 737 hostages were processed.  The number of victims, however, may change, but not significantly, i.e.: the majority of the hostages have been processed.

The hostages can be divided into the following categories:

- those seated in the main theater;

- those seated on the balcony;

- artists and workers at the Dubrovka theatrical complex who, at the time of capture, were put into the main theater;

- artists and workers at the Dubrovka theatrical complex who hid in subsidiary premises;

- those persons who were able to run from the premises at the beginning of the capture;

- those persons who were released by the terrorists.

The evidence in whole given to the investigators coincides with that of the hostages, dependent on their category.

Going over the analysis of interrogations a general picture of the development of events was determined, from which it follows: the number of terrorists named by the hostages varied from 30 to 60 persons.  In the course of the first hour all were ordered to call their loved ones and summon them to a demonstration to end the war and not allow an assault on the theater (the slogans of the terrorists were at first political).  Later, under threats of being shot, they were ordered to throw their cell phones into the aisles.  As a result, the terrorists used these telephones for communications.

Those who were interrogated mentioned 4 possible cases of shooting on the premises of the theater.  A day before the assault, in the evening time, a young man seated in the hall unexpectedly jumped up with a bottle in his hand and climbed over the seats, heading towards the exit and yelling “It’s time!”  He was grabbed by one (of the other hostages) seated in the hall.  Beforehand, a terrorist male and female began to shoot in his direction.  As a result, a female hostage seated alongside was wounded in the trunk, while the man who grabbed the running hostage was shot in the head.  The man who tried to run away was taken out of the hall and supposedly shot.  Witnesses heard shots.  The hostages also noted a case when the terrorists led out an unidentified man and told him to point out his sun, and when who was unable to, Barayev ordered him shot, after which he was taken away and shots were heard.  Among the terrorists the hostages noted 2 men in expensive civilian suits, gray and dark blue in color, who were walking around the hall in masks.

At the moment of the assault, when the gas was used, Barayev started to run around the hall and shout for (the other terrorists) to open the windows.  A few terrorists opened fire from the stage, but the hostages could not determine in which direction, possibly at the windows.  The terrorists did not attempt to blow up themselves; they covered their faces with handkerchiefs and lay down on the floor among the hostages.  In the course of ten minutes everyone lost consciousness.

Information related to the processed individuals was sent to the city detachment of the interior ministry for object development of the participation of commercial or other organizations, and verification of the existence of compromising information, in accordance with the Struggle Against Economic Crimes (SAEC).
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