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Skopstova, Evgeniya
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, 03 2007

Age 38; Russia, Moscow.

They say that when a person dies, then the whole world dies with them. Ithink that life for many who knew and loved Zhenka (Eugenia) was diminished by an entire universe. Shehad so much happiness, light, human kindness and wisdom that her absence is sharply felt, almost physically, even now, with the passing of years since she is nomore.

There is a certain type of person, whom it seems is born to be a hero: brave, strong, handsome the kind we dream of becoming in childhood. Thekind we always try to befriend in youth, whose closeness we eternally hold dear in later years, with whom we easily and without regret dream of growing old. Sucha person was Zhenka.

It is not possible to describe the universe in two words. Perhaps all who write about their lost ones are tormented by those things unsaid, the inability to pass along how much these people meant to them. Whatwas she like? Shewas surprisingly beautiful bright, sunny, and intoxicating to the eye, one who left no man or woman indifferent. Shehad a stunning sense of humor, a sharp mind, and a kind tongue. Sheknew how to win, and never feared losing. Anyof us would give anything so that shelived.

Tatiana Perekatova, her sister, Moscow

Zhenya (Eugenia) was a best friend who understood everything. Shewas kind, sympathetic, simple in dealings, and always attentive to the people aroundher.

In the last few years she was running herself ragged. Shewas very tired there were always children to get up. After all, Zhenya was raising them alone, but even so, she was always ready to come and help out someone to console, to listen, and to lend a word orhand.

She was a city girl a native Muscovite, but her soul could relax only in nature: in the forest, on the Volga, or at the dacha. Itwas as if she got her strength from the earth. Iremember the last summer before the tragedy. Zhenya was working in Moscow, but every weekend she went to Dubna, and she and Iwould bicycle to the dacha. Wewould dig plant beds, irrigate and sweat, and later sit in the sun and talk, talk, talk about everything. Sometimes we would even draw out a song like old women do with the fullest measure of the soul. Zhenya's favorite was (from Alexander Rosenbaum's 'Duck Hunt'):

And Irecall
Long ago Iwas taught
By my father and my mother:
To heal in thisway
To love in thisway
To enjoy myself in this way"

There was so much strength, so many plans, and so much hope. Ithank destiny for putting 'Jackie' and me together, but Iam so bitter that they killed her! Imiss herso!

Irina Yegorushkina, her friend, Dubna

Jackie she was a surprisingly cheerful person. Whenshe would come visit us, or in general, anywhere she was at, she formed such a positive group around herself. Itwas not that something complicated or important was going on, it was just that everything went great with her: a stroll around Dubna on a chilly spring day, or laughing about some ridiculous or silly gesture one of us had done, or drinking wine out of little vodka glasses.

Together with the fact that Zhenka's inner being was distinctly visible, she lived at peace with herself. Sheloved her children, and it is as if they became a part of her soul. Theysay that her last words were: Take care of Leona and Lucy.

Mikhail Krasnoselsky, a friend, Moscow

For us she always was simply Zhenya, but to her friends on the team she was 'Jackie'. Asmart and pretty girl, talented in nature, she was made for fencing. Shehad superior coordination, speed, and she was left-handed, which is always an additional problem for her rivals.

She came to the Dynamo fencing school rather early, at 10years of age. Butwhere else could she go? Heraunt, Valentina Ksenofontovna Rastovorova, celebrated master of sport and Olympic champion, was starting a group of beginners. Zhenya quickly was able to enter the combined Moscow youth team, and later got on the combined USSR team. Shewas twice champion of the USSR Spartacade, several times winning first place in the nation and many other competitions at home and abroad.

Those who saw her on the fencing runner were always surprised by her active, one could even say, aggressive manner of dueling, since in real life she was a gentle and smiling, and very charming girl. Atassemblies and competitions friends from her team and other fencers would gather for her number.

There was always something to talk about with her, and she always would listen to whomever she was talking to, and even give some advice.

Nadezhda Alexandrovna Arskaya, director of the Dynamo fencing club, world champion and master of sport, Moscow

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