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Grishin, Alexey
Памяти Алексея Дмитриевича Гришина
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Panteleev, Denis
Вот уже и 21 год , а будто как вчера !!!!
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Ustinovskaya, Yekaterina
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Bochkov, Alexei
Терракт в Палестине, Сектор Газа
Сегодня в гражданскую больницу Палестины прилетела ракета, погибли до 1000 человек, весь мир взбудоражен. И я оказался н...
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Radchenko, Vladimir
Дядя Володя, я тебя помню и буду помнить всегда!
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author Елена

Remember Politkovskaya the brave
Written by Владимир ВОРСОБИН   
Четверг, 06 Октябрь 2011

ImageOn the anniversary of the death of my colleague Anna Politkovskaya, I suddenly discovered that I had forgotten whether or not they ever caught her killers

I only remember the pompous, yet bungled goings on. There were the prosecutors, rushing to calm a hysterical West (“We found them! We found the evil doers and now we’ll put them away!”), as well as the lawyers juggling myriads of dissonant theories all covered with unpronounceable Chechen surnames. Oh yes, I remember how, in the end, the jury decided that it was not the guilty who had been arrested, and how the public spat and headed home, grumbling: “Serves 'em right, they can’t do anything right! Even when they really try they just can’t get it right, and that’s that!”

Once again investigators are dragging the very same suspects into court, and probably with the same half-grief as last time they will try to put them away. It is possible that whoever ordered them to do this crime will be introduced to the public – and they will turn out to be some shadowy Chechen criminal figures who, of course, for no reason whatsoever suddenly decided to kill a Moscow journalist. Very few people, of course, will buy it… but I am thinking about something else.

I almost forgot about Politkovskaya, but certainly not out of indifference, since in the end we all run the risk of suffering because of our investigative reporting. It is just that in the five years following Anna’s death, Russia has gotten even worse. There is now, inside the country, this sleepy atmosphere of infinite and absolute hopelessness, of going around in circles like in that Hollywood movie ‘Groundhog Day’. Now we see the same pathetically inept fuss that surrounded the Politkovskaya case reflected on the news feeds every single day: the Investigation Committee tries to lock up some Moscow district prosecutors, but cannot, they try to investigate the Magnitsky case, but it turns out it would have been better not to bother! They are looking for some high-ranking people who ordered the killing of Chechen human rights activist Natalia Estemirova and the attack on Oleg Kashin, but they are not getting anywhere. They arrest Investigator Dmitreyeva on charges of taking bribes, but the prosecutor asks for her release.

Out of habit, knowing it to be an inexorable given that Russia’s law enforcement and judicial systems are a shambles and not that schizophrenic March Hare's rabbit hole, we yawn and turn the newspaper page, thinking: “What idiots!”

Back then, five years ago, I somehow hoped that Politkovskaya’s death might at least shake up the country a bit and make the authorities think about what the hell is going on, but now the only thing that remains is to remember the brave Politkovskaya, and wish my colleagues but one thing — to not be afraid.

By Vladimir Vorsobin, in ‘Komsomolskaya Pravda’

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1. Анна Политковская. Нам нравится
Written by «Новая газета» website, on 06-10-2011 21:30
[B]На «Фэйсбуке» появился аккаунт, полностью посвещенный нашей коллеге[/B]

В социальной сети «Фейсбук» мы создали страницу, посвященную Ане Политковской. Здесь мы выложим все ее фотографии, покажем ее рабочий кабинет, познакомим с ее публикациями, семьей, дадим возможность почитать ее книги, послушать ее любимую музыку и поговорить — о ней.

Мы хотели бы наполнять эти страницы вместе с вами, читателями, и открыли такую возможность для всех. Любой из вас может добавить фото и видеоматериалы, оставить комментарий или предложить редакции организовать событие в память о ней.

Поделитесь с нами Аней. Ей бы точно это понравилось!

Приходите на: [URL=http://www.facebook.com/anna.politkovskaya.novayagazeta]http://www.facebook.com/anna.politkovskaya.novayagazeta[/URL]
2. Anna Politkovskaya. ‘Like’
Written by 'Novaya gazeta', on 09-10-2011 18:49
[B]null[/B][B]An account dedicated to our colleague is on Facebook.[/B]

We created a page dedicated to Anna Politkovskaya on the Facebook social network. Here we are posting her photos, showing her office, and introducing her publications and family, as well as giving people a chance to read her books, listen to her favorite music, and chat — about her.

Together with you, our readers, we would like to fill these pages, and so we have opened this opportunity to everyone. Any of you can add photos and videos, leave a comment, or suggest to the editors an event in her memory.

Share Anna with us. She would have loved it!

Come on over:

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