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Plaque in honor of Anna Politkovskaya unveiled in Moscow
Written by Сергей Жмылев   
Среда, 09 Октябрь 2013

ImageOn October 7th, exactly 7 years after the murder of journalist Anna Politkovskaya, the editorial offices of «Novaya Gazeta» on Potapov lane in Moscow unveiled a bronze plaque in her honor.

Politkovskaya worked as a columnist from 1999 to 2006. Her colleagues would like to add another memorial plaque — one with the inscription «the crime has been solved» — and are hoping that this moment will still come.

The journalist's death led to the opening of a criminal case under Article 105, part II of the Russian Criminal Code (murder of a person or their relatives in connection with performance of public duties).

Politkovskaya was actively engaged in human rights work: assisting the mothers of deceased soldiers in the courts, investigating corruption at the Ministry of Defense and in the command ranks of the Joint Group of Federal Forces in Chechnya.

In October of 2002, during the Dubrovka hostage crisis in Moscow, the terrorists included Politkovskaya on their list of those with whom they would negotiate. On October 25th she arrived at the hostage rescue operational headquarters and talked by phone with the terrorists. Later, with Dr. Leonid Roshal, she entered the theatrical center where the terrorists were holding the hostages.




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