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Mitrofanov, Alexey
Written by родители   
Четверг, 22 Март 2007

Age — 29; Russia, Moscow.


Alexey Mitrofanov was born on December 2nd, 1972, in Moscow.  His father was an assistant professor at the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) and his mother an engineer-economist.  He was the second child in the family.

Alexey also attended the MAI, and, after graduation, he was certified an aircraft propulsion systems engineer-mechanic.

He and his wife Anna Bessonova raised two children: son Pavel, born in 1998, and daughter Tatiana, born in 2002.

Alexey grew up a many-faceted child.  Already at 8, in addition to his ready school studies, he started at the music school in MAI.  Like his father, ‘Alyosha’ chose the accordion.  In six years he graduated from the music school, and, having mastered the accordion, he began the guitar.

Since 5th grade he added sports to his studies in regular and music school, and while at the MAI Alyosha played handball for the school team.  His coach was attracted not just by Alyosha’s desire, persistence, and physical ability, but because Alyosha was a left-handed player, a valuable ability in this sport.

Since childhood Alyosha enjoyed fishing, seizing upon the various styles of fishing, including wintertime ice fishing.

The family had a ‘Victory’ automobile, and, like all boys, Alyosha loved mechanics.  Already at 9 he began to drive, and this passion became almost a second profession for him, leading him to attend the MAI.

Like all ‘mayovtsy’ (MAI students), he was interested in anything to do with flying.  After the institute Alexey flew aircraft for a while, completing flight training at the flight test institute in Zhukovsky.  He experienced complete rapture on the Yak-18 aviation trainer at the MAI aerodrome near Volokolamsky.

Alexey completely understood the complexities of automobile mechanics.  His friends and acquaintances highly treasured his knowledge, and often invited him along as an expert when buying a car.  Almost no purchase was made without his advice.

Alexey was not big on words, but he had a great sense of humor.  He was the soul of the party and knew how to tell a good joke or a ditty.

In 1994 he met his future wife, and they were soon married.  At Anna’s request Alexey was baptized, and a little later they had their marriage blessed in church.  Soon they had a son, then later a daughter.

Just before the tragedy, Alexey’s father went to see the musical ‘Nord-Ost’ with his friends and his oldest grandson.  The scene where an airplane appears on stage made a big impression, and Alexey’s father told everyone about the show, and Alexey became interested as well.  It is possible that his interest led to his being at the show on that fateful day, since he was never much of a theater buff before this.

At ‘Nord-Ost’ a wife lost her husband, and children their father.  Retired parents lost a son.  As the Russian saying goes: “No calamity in the world is more terrible than to bury ones’ own children.”

Written by his parents – Anatoly Alexeevich Mitrofanov and Galina Ivanovna Mitrofanova.

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1. Written by Семья Митрофановых, on 23-03-2007 12:28
Очень горько и обидно, что по вине государства, в нынешних условиях граждане России, как показывает практика последних лет, не могут чувствовать себя в безопасности нигде – ни дома, ни на работе, ни в транспорте, НИ В ТЕАТРЕ!
В итоге, в результате теракта на Дубровке 130 семей потеряли: родители — детей, дети — родителей и т. д.!
Дети АЛЕКСЕЯ потеряли отца, жена – мужа, родители – сына, сестра – брата. Без него осталось много друзей.
Виновные, а это, надо признать, руководители государства, создавшие условия для проведения теракта, члены штаба, отвечавшие за принятие решения о форме освобождения заложников и спасения отравленных людей, так и не названы и не привлечены к ответственности.
На площади перед Домом Культуры на Дубровке на другой день после «освобождения» заложников было много цветов, сказано много слов, написано стихов, но один вопрос так и не имеет ответа: «В чем же они виноваты, кто нам теперь ответит, если билет в театр стал им билетом смерти?»

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