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Martynov, Viktor
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, 01 2002

Age 39; Russia, Moscow.

Born on November 1st, 1963, the youngest son in large, working-class family. Hebegan his music studies in his hometown, but graduated from the Moscow Conservatory's music school, and later the conservatory itself in 1989, in V.V.Petrov's class. Heworked in various orchestras, under Vladimir Onkin and Veronika Dudarova, as well in the military symphonic orchestra and others. Forthe last year he worked exclusively at 'Nord-Ost', as first clarinet.

What kind of a musician he was can probably best be explained by other musicians. Hewould say of himself: We play any music in any condition. Ican only state that he was a beautiful husband, a remarkable father. Heraised our son Nikita beautifully. Helived for his family, helped in every way, and tried to remedy everything that he could. Helet me stay home with the baby. Hewas a happy, pleasant man, always the life of the party. Headored singing, and was always joking. Whenhe would show up somewhere, everyone would begin to smile and enjoy themselves. Theneighborhood kids would gather around, and play basketball and football with him. WhenNikita would go to school, they would ask him: Nikita, is your dad coming out?

Our 19th wedding anniversary was on September 24th, 2002. October 26th is our son's birthday. Viktor died on the day of his son's birth, and his funeral took place on his own birthday, November 1st. Andsuch were the course of circumstances.

It was our closest friend Marina who first heard of what was going on at 'Nord-Ost'. Shecalled us up but would not say anything, she just tried to find out from me what Iknew. Did Dad call? 'Dad' would always call up between acts. He called at half-past eight, said that is going okay, Isaid. Well, since everything was okay, Marina thought that she had misunderstood the broadcast. Nikita's friend later called for him, and a half-hour later Viktor himself called us up. Hesaid two words to our son, then told me that it was all very serious, that they were asking (the authorities) not to storm the theater Buthis voice was peaceful, as always as if he wanted to calm us down: nothing serious, we'll get out of this. Later he called at 12noon, and as before his voice was peaceful. Hesaid that everything was okay, that they had just eaten, and that his only request was that they did not storm the theater, because everything had been mined the walls, the chairs Thelast time he called was on October 25th, at 5:22 AM. Hesaid that he could not talk for very long, the cell-phone batteries were low, and he asked us not to worry about him. Hisvoice was dismal. Don't worry, everything's okay he could not say anything else. ButI could tell by his voice that they had it very rough there. Andthat is all. Youcan imagine what condition Nikita was in. Hewas ready to go there, to run after these terrorists Marina spent a long time talking him out of it, the place was surrounded, anything could happen, and his father would be much more relieved if he could call and know that we were athome.

Later, they told me that he was sitting in the center of the theater hall, right in front of a huge bomb. Theysaid that he kept up everyone's spirits, helped them hold out, and kept everyone calm. Knowing him as Ido, it could not have been any otherway

After the storming of the theater, we kept our hope alive until the very last. Wehad not even thought about looking for him in the morgue, we were afraid to talk about it. Istill cannot believe it, it is as if he left on tour, like he did so many times before.

So many musicians who knew him called us up, the telephone never stopped ringing thanks to them. Nowthe pain is ours, and we will live with it for a very longtime.

It is just not possible to believe that such a terrible event could happen here in Moscow. Ihave so many questions, and no one can give me an answer! Howdid this all come about?! Washe carried out dead or alive? Didanyone try to give him first aid? Whatdid he die of? Wewill everknow?

I just cannot imagine how Ican go on now. Wewere with him, he worked and lived for us. Hedid all that was possible to do. Whydid he not come back? Hestayed there, and that isall

Filarmonik #4, 2002

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