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Frolova, Dar'ya
Written by Ольга Демидова, Анна Политковская   
Среда, 30 Октябрь 2002
Article Index
Frolova, Dar'ya
Page 2

Age 13; Russia, Moscow.

Almost all of Dasha Frolova's class at the Golden Profile private school attended the performance of 'Nord-Ost'. Dasha was the youngest. Her classmates were 14 and 15 years old. Little Dasha was but 13. She was a straight-A student, and yet the biggest fidget in her class…

When 'Nord-Ost' was taken over by the terrorists, Dasha's grandfather was alble to break through the outermost police cordon. He wanted to take his granddaughter's place, but the police stopped the elderly man…

The dead children from Dubrovka were placed in Morgue No. 2, but relatives did not find this out until two days later. They kept hoping. Dasha's mother, Tatyana, was even able to phone Emergency Ministries chief Shoiga, who was able to find the servicemember who remembered carrying a girl who looked like Dasha from the theater hall. Very similar, and in the same clothing. And alive. All the hotlines assured the Frolovas that Dasha was not among the dead. Her relatives thought that she might be in intensive care with those who still had not yet regained consciousness. Now they are certain that little Dasha was already dead that morning.

Teachers from Dasha's school identified her a day later. «She was perhaps the first to die,» says Antonina Pavlovna, Dasha's grandmother. Tears stream down her cheeks. «She was healthy, but very thin, and hadn't had anything to eat since Wednesday. It shouldn't have taken a lot of gas. At the morgue they said to me: 'Straight nose, arched brows, European facial type, she looks a lot like you — your granddaughter was very pretty'.»

On the last Wednesday of her life, Dasha went to school in the morning, and after classes did her homework. Towards evening she called her mother at home, to make sure that it was still alright to go with her class to the play.

«You have a cold,» her mother reminded her. «Maybe you should just come home?» Dasha, however, wanted to go.

A day before her death, Dasha called her father. «Everything's okay,» she tried to calm her father. «They fed us, and even gave us sandwichs and something to drink.»

«What outrages us more than anything, was that for two days we didn't know anything, while the authorities on TV kept saying that there were no children among the dead!» Dasha's grandparents compain.

«Our little flower is no more,» cries grandmother. «Now our life has no meaning. We prayed to the Almighty so that we could live just to see Dasha grow up.»

The girl liked geography and historical novels. She was very socialable, and could speak perfect English. She even gave tours to foreign visitors. Once little Dasha promised to buy her father — an inveterate fisherman — his own, private island: «There you can fish to your heart's content!»

Recently Dasha asked for a dog for her birthday. She said that she wanted to have someone warm nearby, whom she could hug and talk to…

Tatyana Florova was not able to read her daughter's last words until four months later, in February of 2004.

«I felt it. I knew that she would have left me something behind,» says Tatyana. She speaks in a steady and distinct voice, because she is a very strong-willed person. On the palm of her left hand, Dasha wrote: «We won't die, but we don't need war anymore.» The pathologist recorded this during the autopsy.

This document, in turn, was classified as confidential criminal case material. The investigative organs decided that neither Tatyana Florova, nor anyone else, had a need to know Dasha's last words.

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  Comments (11)
Written by Инна, on 27-10-2007 05:39
Даша…Мы дружили в детстве…Надеюсь,ей сечас хорошо…
2. Written by Ocean Gypsy, on 26-04-2008 13:39
Ужас… Смерть так страшна… искренне сочувствую родителям и друзьям даши. простите, что так поздно пишу, но лучше поздно чем никогда.
3. Written by Эмма, on 27-04-2008 18:16
Не знаю почему, но именно эта страница сильнее всего разрывает сердце… Соболезную.
4. Written by настя, on 13-02-2009 16:35
мы знакомы были с детства….
наши мамы когда то вместе учились….
сегодня ей должно было исполниться 20 лет…..

…………я скучаю…………….
5. Written by Иван, on 20-02-2009 22:53
Скорбим вместе с вами….
6. Written by Катя, on 27-10-2010 21:11
Люблю тебя…
7. Written by александра, on 07-01-2011 18:50
нет ни чего страшнее когда родители хоронят своих детей.страшно очень. примите соболезнования.
8. у меня тоже погибла дочь
Written by людмила, on 11-01-2011 16:24
10 апреля 2009 года пьяный водитель на тротуаре сшиб мою дочь и зятя. им было по 30 лет. остались две дочки, я их воспитываю. прошло 1 год и 9 месяцев, а как вчера. понимаю ваше горе. сочувствую вам.
9. Written by Дан, on 23-10-2012 23:08
Я учусь сейчас в той же школе, и когда наступает годовщина этой трагедии, я подхожу к наталье Георгиевне и утешаю, ведь она была там классным руководителем.
10. Written by Анастасия, on 26-10-2015 19:11
13 лет прошло. Помним и скорбим. Всегда в нашей памяти

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