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Antonova, Larissa
Written by Денис Антонов, сын   
Пятница, 15 Август 2008

Age 54, from Klin, Russia

Larisa Mihailovna Antonova (Nazarova) was born on June 15th, 1948, in the city of Reutov in the Balashkinsky region of the Moscow district.  In 1955 she entered first grade in School #8 in the city of Klin.  In 1962 she became a member of the Komsomolsk.  In 1963 she finished eighth grade and entered School #1.  In 1964 she entered Night School #1 and went to work filling prescriptions at Pharmacy #45.  In 1966 she finished 11th grade and entered the Moscow energy technical school.  In 1968 she married for the first time and that same year her daughter Natalya was born.  In 1975 she found work at Klin Refrigeration.  In 1977 her first marriage ended, and a year later she married Gennady Alexandrovich Antonov, with whom she remained married for the rest of her life.

She went to that unlucky show with her daughter Natalya.  Natalya came back… came back to her family, to her children, and this is how it should be — children should not depart life earlier than their parents.

I did not immediately grieve after it happened.  For a long time I could not get it into my head that mother was no longer with us.  Not so rapidly, this is absurd.  For half a year it seemed to me that a door would open and she would walk in.  She was only gone for awhile, but not forever.

It is well known that «grief does not arrive alone».  After a long period of worry, after his second heart attack, she was followed by her husband, my father.

By his son, Denis Antonov

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1. Written by Teresa Adcox Trammell, on 08-02-2016 06:12
I am so sorry to hear about your mother. I am in the USA. Your mother made several beautiful outfits for my dolls. I mailed her a thank you package. It was delivered, but I never heard from her. I have been so worried about her. She was such a sweet person. I am so sorry for your loss. Hugs

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