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Anna Politkovskaya and us. Acontrolshot
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, 01 2006
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Anna Politkovskaya and us. Acontrolshot
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Not many editors would agree to publish these stories. Ihave met many who tell me: “Listen, leave it alone, how much is possible Onewould like something more spiritually uplifting.”

The women there have developed their own sense of humor. Theycan laugh and cry simultaneously. So, a ‘Grad’ rocket flew overhead. Itis a terrible sight, it hisses, it is horrible, Iam afraid and the Chechen women are also afraid. Thenthey say: “Look, they’re catching Basayev. Explain to your military that a ‘Grad’ is a weapon of mass destruction, not a precision weapon.”

“So what have all these people turned into?” wrote Anna Politkovskaya back then. “The infants, the burned girls, the hungry old people? Theyare small details in a huge war canvas. Theyare the smears on that big picture that are not visible from a distance. Theyare woodchips, about whom no one cares. Whatis the whole process called, have you forgotten? Iwill remind you: “The tree are cut down and let the chips fly were they may.”

Irepeat, that this was in November of 1999. Thencame ‘Nord-Ost’ and the human woodchips at ‘Nord-Ost’ numbered 129hostages, poisoned by our own commandos using “an unknown” gas, and the Federal Parliament refused to do any investigation whatsoever.

Back then Anna Politkovskaya published an interview with the militant who successfully passed through the triple cordon around Dubrovka. Khanpasha Terkibayev hinted that it was he who brought the terrorists (to Moscow), and that he did so under orders of from federal security agencies (exactly which agencies he would not say). Heboasted that, after ‘Nord-Ost’ on behalf of the Putin administration he conducted negotiations with members of the Ichkeria Parliament, and then took these MPs to Strasbourg where they demonstrated to the European MPs their complete loyalty to Moscow. Heclaimed that he consulted with such high-level leaders from the presidential administration as Vladislav Surkov and Sergei Yastrzhembsky.

Eight months later, on December 15th, 2003, Khanpasha Terkibayev was killed in an automobile accident on the Grozny highway in the village of Chervlyonaya Station.

Then there was the Beslan. AnnaPolitkovskaya did not make it there. Onthe airplane she drank a glass of water and awoke in intensive care in a hospital in Rostov. Thenurse told her straight out: “You were poisoned.” The doctor confirmed it. Hedid blood tests, but he was told to destroy the results. Those who heard, read, and knew all this found it unbearable to listen to how they reported the murder of Anna Politkovskaya. ThatSaturday night, on ‘Vesti’ television, they said her articles were directed against corruption. Themasses know very well that the word ‘corruption’ means, first and foremost, bribes. Inso doing, they tried to switch Anna Politkovskaya’s activities to an entirely different area.
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