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Marianna Maximovskaya: The return of the “Soviet Man” is frightening
Written by Рита Болотская   
Вторник, 10 Июль 2007

By Rita Bolotskaya

In Press-attache.ru

(From an interview with Marianna Maximovskaya.)

“…But somewhat later, in the mid-1990s, journalism changed sharply.  Its effectiveness was reduced to zero.  Jaundice set in.  Once again, as in the USSR, censorship appeared.”

They say that the origins of the censorship that is blossoming so widely in our television broadcasts goes back to 1996, when journalists started to deliberately support Yeltsin.  On the one hand, it was right, but on the other hand, (communist party leader) Zyuganov back then practically never was off TV.  All his campaign trips were carefully illuminated, and it did not even twist the tongue back then to speak about Zyuganov in a boorish tone, to call him, for example, marginal, as it is nowadays acceptable to speak of those whose point of view differs from the opinion of the authorities.  If all campaign stops made by Kasyanov, Kasparov, and Gerashchenko together with the White Party, Yavlinsky, and Zyuganov again were portrayed in the same way as they portrayed Zyuganov back then, no one would even think to talk about the censor’s dominance.

And the main thing, back in the 1990s critical material still resonated.  The results of investigations led to retirements, transfers, reached certain kinds of conclusions and people got punished.  Journalists did not feel, as they do now, that they were howling in the desert.  But later…  ‘Nord-Ost’, and Beslan, and what else has not happened?  Meanwhile Patrushev and all are considered heroes.  In the 1990s there still were independent courts, while now the finale of all court cases is predictable.  All around, nothing but “kangaroo courts”…

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