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A matter for the chemists
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, 15 2007

By Lev Fedorov

In: http://www.himdelo.ru/himia/podrobnee/9/

From an analytical review dated April 30th, 2007, titled: The chemical-legal situation in Russia in connection with ethylene spirits and other substances in widespread use.

From November 25th to December 20th of 1988an international conference was held in Vienna, attended by the fully empowered representatives of 106UN nations, including the USSR and other participants. At this conference a new, sweeping agreement on chemical use was adopted the 1988UN Convention against the illegal use of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.

Russia complied with the 1988UN Convention by means of a federal law, as well as other legislative acts, and is required to act within the framework of the Convention. It is important to note that not only the Constitution of the Russian Federation (Part 4Article 15) was written in order to comply with the international regulations, but also a law covering narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances (Part 2Article 3)

Article 2of Law N 3-F39 established the necessity for controlling narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances held by the government of Russia, as well as the precursors chemicals to these agents. Drugs and substances subject to governmental control measures were subdivided into 4lists: a) List Iincluded narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances whose use and sale was forbidden in Russia; b) List IIwas composed of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances whose use and sale was limited in Russia through established control measures

Use and sale of List IIsubstances, we repeat, is limited and is under strict governmental control. The level of this control is illustrated by the events of October of 2002, during the anti-terrorism operation in Moscow on Dubrovka Street. At the time, the government representative, deputy FSB chairman V.E.Pronichev ordered (and in turn was given an order by an even higher representative of the government) the use of a substance from List II Fentanyl (it was officially declared) for putting the hostages and terrorists to sleep. Of those that fell asleep, unfortunately, 130never awoke. In addition, no one was made to answer for this illegal use of Fentanyl, which led to such a large and senseless loss of life

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