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Kazakh prosecutors acknowledge terrorist attack
Written by Лента.ру   
Суббота, 12 Ноябрь 2011

Kazakh prosecutors acknowledge terrorist attack in the city of Taraz

Место происшествия. Кадр "Первого канала"Following shootings and explosions in the city of Taraz in South Kazakhstan, a criminal case was opened on two counts — murder and the commission of terrorist acts. According to ‘Interfax’, Deputy Attorney General of the Republic Nurmuhanbet Isayev made this statement on November 12th. The official stressed that the city had only suffered a single explosion, and not four as reported by some media sources. He also denied reports that there is a curfew in Taraz.

According to prosecutors, on Saturday morning, 34-year-old M. K. Kariyev  (previously identified as Kaliyev), a follower of jihadist ideas, robbed a Taraz resident and stole his car. After this, he robbed a gun shop in the city. After killing a guard and fatally wounding a customer, Kariyev stole two ‘Saiga’ hunting carbines and ammunition, and fled.

Two police officers pursued the gunman. Kariyev shot them both and took possession of a Makarov service pistol and a Kalashnikov assault rifle.

Kariyev next went home and got an RPG-26 grenade launcher. He drove to a building housing the regional department of the National Security Committee (Kazakh Security Service) and fired upon it, also using the grenade launcher. No one was injured as a result of this fire.

This time two horse-mounted police officers took off in pursuit of Kariyev. They managed to injure the offender, but he, in turn, mortally wounded them. After this, security forces finally managed to catch the bandit. In the ensuing firefight, he wounded yet another policeman. Kariyev’s last victim was a traffic police captain, who was killed when the terrorist blew himself up on being arrested.

It also reported that Kariyev also carried out an armed attack that killed two officers of the National Security Committee who were conducting surveillance on him. The prosecutor’s office did not specify exactly when this crime was committed.

As a result of events in Taraz, excluding Kariyev, seven people, including five police officers, were killed.


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