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Journalist Anna Politkovskayatells
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, 28 2002



Anna Politkovskaya is a commentator of the New newspaper, author of reporting from Chechnya, where it weekly rides during three years. Itwas arrested, repeatedly threatened violence for journalistic investigations. Exactly it obtained, that in DK (recreation centre) allowed to bring 700litres of water and juices which it delivered hostages own hands. Inan interview Anna Politkovskaya declared the special correspondent of Newspaper to Nadezhda Kevorkovoy, that, on its opinion, it is possible it was to do without deaths of innocent people.

You talk that all could pass and make off peacefully. Howcan it was this chance be realized?

Ten of deaths, when a chance to release all was. Failure. Negotiations in general were required by nobody. Nonegotiations are necessary it was herein was plus situations. Theyrequired only two things in an order to release all of hostages (all of other could be then), it, strictly speaking, to, that it was allowed me to write (so did not let to write down) down gave a paper sheet (torn up from an ordinary notebook in a cage page. it is Newspaper). First: word of Putin on a television set, that war is halted. Iasked them: Do you want, that this was a decree? But a decree signs difficultly No, simply word of Putin, that war is halted. Second: on next days after the word of Putin concrete step that out of concrete district of Chechnya troops are shown. I, naturally, was very scared this moment, began to ask, in what district. Because if they began to talk that in Vedenskom and majority were from there from them, to it would be very difficult, because Vedenskiy a district napichkan soldiery. Andthey said me: No, from any, however us. Thisrequirement can it was be executed, because there are such districts, where very much little troops, and from there it was simple to show out them. Itenabled to execute for two days to, that they want. Herealready to the evening we hung up above it: here and Putin already here already and Yavlinskiy sits for him, pinned him and Alexander Voloshin. To9 hours (evenings on Friday. it is Newspaper) all was normal, because at the observance of these two points the third point of all of hostages would release without talks and requirements. Andfourth is already the not point of plan, not requirement: we remain inwardly. Itwas not clear: do they want to fly away, leave? Iasked: Do you want an airplane, money, to Saudovskuyu Arabia? No, we remain to militate, we want to die in a fight, we understand perfectly, that we nothing as compared to Alpha which will begin assault, but we remain, to die in a fight. Religious sense here for them was, it is clear.

Soldiery did belong with kind regards to you? However water for people it was only let you to bring

What you talk about Atthe best such soft hissing Butwhen they understood that they can from me know to, that they must were know without me Present, nobody walks there, nobody knows that takes a place there. Theyprepare to some operation, and nobody knows that takes a place there! Theyset me questions which Inemela from. Theydo not understand that is created in a chechen environment in general, who negotiations are possible with, with whom no. Theymust know it, and we must them set questions! Itmeans that, as well as in America, three weeks of catching sniper, we have a proof myth at everything the knowing special services. Theyare able to threaten, our special services, they are able to do our life heavy, to do mucks and to talk mucks. Butthey are not able to do the work. Hereit is theirwork!

Who did give an order?

Officially is general of FSB Pronichev, which this mission is laid on. Inrespect of not official the few doubts that this wasPutin.

Society got a lesson, opened slightly eyes, and by a price to it are ten of lives which can it was be saved without humiliation of dignity of power. you know, Iwas simply put to death by the conduct of Kadyrov. Iam his opponent, but even it shocked me. Forhim, there was a moment, gave 50hostages and he did not go. Whatare you a fellow, that the citizens of your republic will talk about you? Theywill say him: you are a not man, you are a coward. Hesimply was under an obligation it to do, on all of laws. Butfear for the hide is so great, that takes in all of other senses.

Is it talked about the found bottles with alcoholic, about syringes, drugs is the face of shakhid?

I had the first contact by phone, then second and also there was such impression. Theytalked by phone, very talking away, whether that. Heroin drug addicts talk so, choking, repeating oneself cyclic speech turns out. AndI thought yet: with whom will it be necessary to talk, with such, who to hear does not hear?.. Andwhen Icame there, Ihad seen absolutely clean eyes, we will say so, for those people which Icontacted with, and it, naturally, not all. Cognac both stood and remained to stand an untouched row, and they did not have no narcotic intoxication.

That did cognac stand?

Cognac stood, because all took a place in an apartment, where buffet and buffet store room in which took off the shown interviews. There they did a negotiation, as an office of their command. There and Isat, where our long negotiations were, hostages over were brought there, when they were passed, these women-widows came there.

Did you speak with women?

Yes, spoke. Answered quite normally. Ahusband perished, a brother disappeared, an uncle is killed weigh set of chechen tragedy. Thatto say? Itso. Iasked these women: And at home does know where you? Andchildren? Tried even to find out, even to press on on tears. No, said, at home know nothing. Chechens trade very often, depart to Vladicaucasus, other cities. For us all consider that we departed on a market. Ona few days left. Nobody worries. Andcan, does not know and then. Wewill vanish, and all Iand began to ask men: and these your women are they with children, do they have families, how will they be then? Andfor me was some revelation, that they began to float. Thatthey were not the members of detachment, they sneaked up on principle of desire to take revenge. Theywere not hits. Theywanted to take revenge, and their waysmet.

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