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Frolova, Dar'ya
Не знаю почему стала смотреть по ссылке ролик про Троекуровское и знаменитые могилы, про Юлию Началову ... Среди прочих ...
18/05/19 17:13 more...
author Алёна

In memory of Politkovskaya
In memory of Politkovskaya
raise the voice on terrorism victims
10/05/19 11:18 more...
author bestro

Rozgon, Svetlana
Любимый Светлячок))))
Любая проблема может стать началом пути к успеху, если к проблеме отнестись с юмором) Ты можешь навечно погрузиться в...
06/05/19 05:54 more...
author Андрей

Vasilev, Konstantin
Я помню Константина по КВВКИУ РВ. Он был старше на курс. Познакомились на полосе препятствий где занимались рукопашники,...
04/03/19 15:39 more...
author Анискин Михаил Викторович

Magerlamov, Oleg
Олег Магерламов
Трагедия России в центре Москвы с захватом террористами восьмисот заложников - зрителей и артистов спектакля "Норд-Ост" ...
27/02/19 13:25 more...
author Краснодарское муниципальное ле

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Written by Карлище, on 05-12-2010 04:49
Irina Ivanovna Khalai, chairman of the 'Volga-Don' regional organization promoting the protection of the rights of victims of the terror attack Volgodonsk. A recording of Maxim Yefimov, the chairman of the Karelian branch of the 'Youth Human Rights Group'. June 11th, 2010. Lithuanian Seimas & Vilnius. 
A film about the terrorist attack in Volgodonsk:  
At 5:57 am on September 16th, 1999, in 5 hours 57 minutes, a truck packed with explosives equal to the power of two tons of TNT exploded in Volgodonsk. According to the degree of destruction in front of a apartment building on No. 35 October Highway, the terror attack to this day is considered the largest in Russia. Damaged were: 42 apartment buildings, a police station, two schools, a kindergarten, and a library - a total of 15 community projects. Offically recognized as victims were 8 percent of the population - over 16 thousand people, including more than 1000 children. Overnight hundreds were left without shelter, property, and their health. 19 Volgodonsk resident were killed, and 73 permanently disabled. In the damaged apartment building two stairwells had to be demolished as unfit for habitation.