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Морев Игорь
Воспоминания об Игоре
Знаю Игоря, как моего друга по пионерлагерю "Лесные дали" с ...
11/02/19 10:54 дальше...
автор Александр

Пантелеев Денис
Денис Пантелеев
Я был 3-м механиком,он 4-м. жили в одной каюте...кроме меня ...
25/01/19 02:50 дальше...
автор Герман

Иванова Ольга
Моя подруга
С Олечкой мы познакомились на первом курсе техникума. И очен...
29/12/18 17:31 дальше...
автор Наталья

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автор: Stuart Paul, дата: 30-03-2007 19:02
Denis was a friend above all friends. I still cannot believe he is not with us.  
My first visit to the beautiful City of St.Petersburg came as a result of his invitation whilst working on ships in the Port of Falmouth, UK. I first met Denis when he wanted to know where he could get a newspaper. On his return he invited me to see his work in the ship. It was as if we had known each other for years...that was the kind of person he was ; and it started a friendship which was to last. Denis was a very caring and loving person. He had that rare gift to love everyone he met, which is heaven sent; and everyone loved Denis in return. 
The arrival of a baby daughter brought so much happiness to him and I remember his excitement on the telephone. Denis would call from time to time; just to keep in touch and to make sure I was alright. "when are you coming to St.Petersburg again" was at the end of nearly every call. Caring and interested to the very end. 
I agree with Denis's parents...that he had bright radiant eyes and a very friendly smile which would remain in the minds of everyone who knew him. 
In losing you the world has lost a very special person - but the memories of you will live forever in our hearts. Denis, my special friend in St.Petersburg; I will  
remember you always - stay close to us. 
May God Bless you and keep you safe - until we meet again.