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How much an act of terrorcosts
, 02 2007

By Gennady Savchenko, Alexander Sidyachko, poll conducted by Alexander Sargin.
Materials published 27.02.2007 in 'Gazeta' #35.

Osetian members of parliament demand a law covering the victims of terrorists

Soon the Parliament and government will act on an appeal signed today by Northern Osetian member of the Russian parliament, Larisa Khabitsova, which requests a federal law to govern social support for those suffering as a result of acts of terror. Itis unclear, though, if this appeal will lead to a specific legislative initiative and a government resolution, or if the matter will be limited to a lot of hot air. Russia, however, still reels from the effects of the 19992003wave of terror, and, paraphrasing Suvorov, no act of terror is over until all its victims have received assistance and rehabilitation.

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Families of those who died at Dubrovka show terrorfilms
, 26 2007

By Elena Petrovskaya, http://www.lenizdat.ru, February 26th, 2007.

Families who lost loved ones at the now sadly famous ‘Nord-Ost’ have decided to remind Russians about acts of terror and their aftermaths. Within the framework of the ‘Citizens against Terror’ project, they are traveling from city to city showing documentary films and handing out books with collections of the most frank and terrible documentary evidence on the ‘Nord-Ost’ and Beslan tragedies. For two days they were in Saint Petersburg, or more accurately, they were at the Memorial Society’s building here, and were seen by the Lenizdat.ru correspondent.

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Patrushev, the FSB, and NAK saved Russia from 300terror attacks
, 13 2007


In 2006more than 300terrorist acts in Chechnya, Dagestan, Ingushetia, and the Stavropol region were prevented, Federal Security Service (FSB) director Nikolai Patrushev declared at a meeting of the National Anti-terrorism Committee (NAK). Patrushev, according to ITAR-TASS, said that last year 900persons were convicted of crimes connected with terrorist and extremist activities.

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The threat of terrorism is to Russias leaders advantage
, 31 2007

Human rights experts have come to this opinion

By Arslan Saidov

 On ‘Time of Freedom’ (program hosted by Arslan Saidov with the participation of Alexander Cherkasov from the ‘Memorial’ human rights center.)

ARSLAN SAIDOV: The terrorist threat is to the advantage of Russia’s leaders. Western human rights experts, in Moscow right now acquainting themselves with the situation in the country, have come to this opinion. The expert commission is composed of prominent jurists, including the former head of the UN Human Rights Commission, Mary Robinson, and it works closely with Russian human rights advocates. We have here live on the air Alexander Cherkasov from the ‘Memorial’ human rights center. Alexander, do you agree with the opinion of your colleagues in the West, that the struggle against terrorism in Russia is being exploited for political goals?

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Moscow Pravdas editor in chief Shod Mulajanov and his special opinion
, 31 2007

By Olga Bychkova

 Radio Echo of Moscow

SHOD MULAJANOV: The fact of the matter is that a significant majority in this country doesn’t believe that they can have any effect on the outcome of elections. All the opinion polls show that a significant majority in this country doesn’t believe that they can affect the outcome of elections.

OLGA BYCHKOVA: Well, they’re wrong.

SHOD MULAJANOV: Ithink they’re wrong, but since they’re convinced of this it’s useless to do anything if they believe that they can’t affect the outcome of elections.

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The urgency of justice
, 06 2004

By Galina Mursalieva

In Novaya Gazeta

DR. ROSHAL: We have not even begun to heal the human tragedies in Russia

ImageTheres a bottom rung being put on the social ladder. Thats the impression that Im getting. They tell me that theres no bottom rung, that its simply the marketplace, another country, different conditions, and that everythings different now. But Id like to know how its different? I was, by the way, chairman of the coordinating medical council for the White House (Russian parliament building) defenders in 1991, Icouldve died, as could everyone there. Who knew how it would all turn out back then? And Ishould know: what was it Icouldve died for? Later it all turned out so monstrous, just take a look at our industry, at agriculture, at public health

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Leading Jurists begin terrorism inquiry in Moscow
, 29 2007


The Eminent Jurists Panel on Terrorism, Counter-terrorism and Human Rights begins a public hearing in Moscow today. Three members of the Panel, Ms. MaryRobinson, Ms. HinaJilani and Professor Stefan Trechsel, are in Moscow to examine how Russian law, policy and practice have developed in response to the threat of terrorism.

The Russia hearing is part of a global inquiry by the Eminent Jurists Panel, exploring the impact of terrorism and the fight against terrorism on human rights and the rule of law. Thehearing is the tenth in a series of hearings held around the world by the Panel, a high-level and independent group appointed by ICJ in October 2005. ThePanel will issue a global report on terrorism, counter-terrorism and human rights in autumn 2007.

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